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This procedure includes angioplasty, atherectomy with (or without) stent. The indications of the procedure include an obstruction or blockage more than 70% of the arterial lumen.

The standard protocol for “fixing” the blockage includes:

  1. crossing the obstruction with a wire.
  2. balloon angioplasty which means introducing a “balloon” sized as your blood vessel and inflate it a certain pressure by the manufacturer and crack the plaque making more room for blood flow. If there are good results after angioplasty the procedure might then finished.

However, often angioplasty is not enough and the blockages “recoil” back. That is when adjuvant treatment is needed.

A removal or modification of the cholesterol plaque with diverse devices called atherectomy can be performed.

This allows better results after balloon angioplasty with less chances of “dissecting” the vessel (rupture the layers of the vessel).

Finally, due to the arterial recoil cited previously, we might opt to insert a “mesh “called stent to provide better support the treated blood vessel. You will have to be compliant with blood thinner treatment for the stent avoiding forming clots inside the stent.

Once the procedure is done, the equipment is removed, and the arterial intravenous access is sealed with a “closure device” to avoid bleeding”.

After certain period of observation post procedure, you can go home safely.