Chest Pain

Chest Pain

If you should experience a sudden onset of chest pain, you want to know right away if you are having a heart attack. For every minute a heart attack goes undiagnosed, further damage is done to your heart. That’s why Heart and Vascular Care Consultants’s Emergency Department (ED) is equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic technology available, which enables us to make a fast, accurate diagnosis of your chest pain.

Heart and Vascular Care Consultants physicians are advancing the use of the latest computed tomography (CT) scans in the ED to speed heart attack diagnoses and often conclusively rule out the possibility of a heart attack. As a result, if no disease is detected, you can avoid unnecessary testing, catheterizations and hospital stays.

If you are having a heart attack, our experienced cardiologists can start immediate treatment to clear blockages in your coronary arteries. The physicians at the Heart and Vascular Care Consultants Heart Institute are pioneers in using minimally invasive surgical procedures to open artery blockages. We have been using coronary stents in angioplasty procedures for 25 years and have helped pioneer the use of next-generation drug-eluting stents.

With an emphasis on personalized care and prevention, our experienced cardiology team can also work with you to identify and manage risk factors of cardiovascular disease through lifestyle changes and medication.

Before you or a loved one undergo open heart surgery, get a second opinion from our doctors at the Angioplasty Center. What makes our program unique is that while other hospitals tout minimally invasive procedures, we offer patients the option to avoid heart surgery altogether.